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I loved these products so much that I wanted to bring them to a wider audience.

My family are from Italy and when I visited family and friends Aleppo soap & Argan Oil was often mentioned so eventually I tried them for myself. They were so good I could hardly believe that these products were hardly known in the UK but the soaps I could source at home didn’t measure up to these. So I decided to try many different soaps and oils until choosing the best companies who supply Aleppo soap and argan oils. These are the same products I am offering you.

I do not sell anything we have not tried and approved ourselves. I give all the products on this site to my friends and family and only sell the products we approve: I won’t sell you anything that I do not use in my own home.

The first product we used was the Aleppo Colors liquid soap and we were amazed that the product could wash hair and skin leaving both exceptionally clean but nourished. This is the staple product of the line and we urge you to try it – you will not be disappointed.

After months of comparing other argan oils, Argania  produces the finest available argan oil products. It is the most naturally refined oil, having virtually no smell (that can blight other oils) and absorbs into the skin in a gentle uniform way without leaving any oily residue.

I strive to only sell the most pure unadulterated products; we believe that when it comes to ingredients in skin products, less is more.

My aim is to bring you great products from around the world that we have tried and you can trust.

I have worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years and during that time I have gravitated more towards natural and holistic products and treatments.  I have just qualified as an Ayurverdic therapist

Giovanna Consigli

I live in London with my husband, two daughters, our Jack Russell Lottie and our cat Suki.

On a trip to visit my family in Italy I discovered these wonderful Aleppo soaps and Argan oil products and I was immediately converted. Not only did they pamper my skin and hair but also knowing that they were ethically produced by family companies and co-operatives made me feel good about using them.

When I returned home, to my dismay, I could not find these products anywhere in the UK. I tried many other brands but found them to be of inferior quality and largely ineffective. Importing them myself seemed the only option if I was to share the experience of these amazing products with my friends and family and so this is how H2Oils was born.

I strive to sell the most pure, unadulterated products, believing that when it comes to skin and hair care, less is more. All the products are tried and used by myself, my family and friends. If it wouldn’t be used by me, I wouldn’t sell it to you.

The aim of H2Oils is to bring you great products from around the world that we have tried and you can trust.

Thank you and enjoy!