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6th April 2016


The Hammam is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. It consists of a steam bath experience to relax, to treat your body and cleanse your skin using only natural products.

The Hammam, or Turkish bath (descendant of the Greek and Roman spa) is traditionally a place of encounter and sharing, of relaxation and well being, where time dedicated to the body leads to serenity of the mind. Over the ages, writers such as Lamartine and the 19th century poet Nerval have been enchanted and inspired by the atmosphere reigning in these baths; authentic hubs of Middle East social life. Enjoy the mysterious charm of the Hammam and experience the benefits of legendary products in your own home.

Firstly, the Hammam ritual bathing process uses a Moroccan gommage black soap scrub called Savon Beldi. The soap is semi-solid and has a gooey consistency and an earthy herbal aroma with a sometimes sweeter base note. The colour of the soap ranges from a light brown to a deeper brown depending on the olive harvest and the olive pomace the soap is made of. Over time the soap can liquidify more especially if stored in a warm environment. This black soap has been used to cleanse and exfoliate in for centuries. Nowadays, Beldi soap is used in some of the most exclusive spas in Europe and America. It’s a natural olive oil base demollient that is heated in cauldrons and enriched with laurel oil (extracted from the Sweet Bay tree leaf) and applied with the Kassa glove.

Kassa glove is made from fine textured cellulose fabric. It is traditionally used in the Hammam to exfoliate the body in preparation for the rassoul body mask. With this glove you can get soft radiant skin without leaving your home. Afterwards the skin is washed with Aleppo soap or rhassoul clay. These products are usually used in the traditional Hammam to remove dead skin cells.

Secondly, the Rhassoul clay is used; a wonderful spa quality clay from Morocco which was deposited in the sea millions of years ago. It’s a mineral-rich, purifying red clay that draws impurities out of the skin. It’s quite different from other cleansing clays, being exceptionally gentle and beneficial for dry hair, sensitive skin and scalp conditions. The word rhassoul (or ghassoul) derives from an Arabic phrase meaning 'to become washed'.

To finish Argan Oil, a fantastically nourishing face and body oil treatment. Similar in composition to your own skin's natural oil makes it easily absorbable and non greasy leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft and supple. Argan oil has always been used in traditional medicine for its extraordinary properties. Made only by women, it takes them more than one day of working by hand with 100 kilograms of fruit to obtain one litre of oil. That makes it one of the rarest oils in the world.

Tade’ Pays du Levant was founded in 1994 by Thaddee de Slizewicz, a geographer fascinated by the history of the near east, the birthplace of humanity and the crossroads of legendary civilisations. From this land bathed in ancient tradition, he returned with mythical olive oil and laureloil soap, the Pain D’Alep, a forefather to the more recent Soap Marseilles. Enchanted by the art ofbathing in the Near and Middle East, Tade’ Pays du Levant has created a collection of 100%natural, ethical skincare products, made by local crafts people maintaining traditional skills.

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