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6th April 2016
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6th April 2016

Aleppo Colors products

Aleppo Colors was founded in 2003 in Ticino, Switzerland with the aim to produce and distribute the ethnic soap from the East. They import the majority of their products directly from the manufacturers and sell the products in Europe.

The company was founded by a group of friends with the focus on sustainable, organically sourced products. Thanks to the company’s direct contacts with the producers of these soaps, they are in a position to guarantee the authenticity and quality of all their products. 

The companies ethics include:

  • No under-age employment
  • All materials are organic and renewable - not at any risk of extinction.
  • They collaborate with foundations that aim to integrate disabled people into the workplace
  • They only choose appropriate distributers of the products who agree with all of the companies ethics.

There is absolutely NO animal testing involved in any of my H2oils products. 

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