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Nablus Soap and it’s history

The Nablus soap originates from the city of Nablus in the West Bank. Aleppo Colors buy the soap directly from the manufacturers in cooperation with on-site international NGOs. There are only three manufacturers of Nablus soap left in Nablus, so not only will you being using a gift on your skin, you will be also contributing to preserve a century - old tradition and craft.

The first press of olive oil is heated for days over a very low flame to retain the special properties of the olive oil. The mixture is finally spread out, left to dry for a day before shaped into a small squares and marked with a strand of wool dipped in a vegetable pigment. This marks the lines on the hardening soap to prepare for the final cut. This leaves behind a trace of a red marbling which becomes integral to the soap and is this characteristic pattern is a sign of the handmade process. It takes decades of experience and knowledge to make the soap as it cannot be produced just by following a recipe. It still is being made today in the same way as it has been for thousands of years.



Nablus Soap is a pure white, gentle soap with an extremely delicate scent. It is recommended for those with dry, delicate, mature or combination skin including babies & infants. Ideal for daily use on the face body and hair. Rich in glycerine and mineral salts which provides the skin with nutrients The soap is also rich in Vitamin A & E and naturally contains linoleic and alpha linoleic acids which have a powerful antioxidant effect.

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