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28th January 2016
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28th January 2016

Antiochia Soap and its history

Antiochia soap was first produced in the ancient land of Antiochia (which now is now separated into Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Jordan and Israel). This land has been producing this soap for thousands of years. Archaeological finds suggest evidence that Antiochia soap existed as far back as the early Mesopotamian period, made by one of the first civilisations on earth. Antiochia soap is made with first pressed virgin olive oil and laurel bay oil that comes from the Sweet Bay or True Laurel Tree. The soap is produced by a family run business for four generations.



Antiochia soap has a fresh, magical aroma. It has strong moisturising properties and delicate enough for the face, even removing make up. It can be used daily on the face,body and hair and is ideal for delicate, sensitive, dry skin and combination skin.

It produces creamy lava, leaving the skin soft and nourished. The presence of the laurel bay oil gives the soap for skin-balancing properties. Excellent for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, rosacea

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